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Since the discovery of Leonardo Da Vinci’s painted bike prototype manuscript in the 18th century, the basic design of the bicycle has not changed much. Are you concerned that the lack of innovation and ingenuity in the bicycle industry weakens your ability to attract consumer attention? 

Environmental awareness and energy conservation are emerging topics of discussion society. Bicycles, being a 100% clean energy transportation tool, presents the best alternative to gas fuelled automobiles. Are you concerned with your ability to find the most reliable partner to be your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) or ODM (Original Design Manufacture) vendor and allow you to ride this next big wave?

SOLU international management team has more than 20 years of experience in bicycle design, R&D, manufacturing, assembly, and quality inspection. We understand what it takes to build and sell a quality bicycle that exceeds customer expectations. Our company is currently partnering with companies that operate in Asia, Europe, Australia, South Africa and The United States, and actively develop new markets in those regions. By jointly researching and developing improved technologies with U.K based branch, SOLU International, the new SOLU brand is leading the market in setting industry standards for quality bicycles and accessories.




Environmental protection and carbon emission reduction have been hot topics in the world today. Cycling is the way to ride to a better health while protecting our earth and not adding to the carbon emission level. SOLU is devoted to advancing the bicycle industry and making superior bikes by using environmentally friendly technology. SOLU is dedicated to applying the finest workmanship to its products, making customized bicycles for its customers, so that every rider can enjoy a unique experience. SOLU products are not only high-performing bicycles, but also elegant and highly individualized artisanship worth treasuring.

SOLU: the tasteful amalgamation of man and machine/bikes.