1. q: Leather Bicycle Saddles Care & Cleaning

    Leather is a natural material, which will provide lasting comfort, coolness in hot weather, style and durability.

    If you follow these simple instructions your saddle will adapt itself to you and retain its support and comfort. A new saddle should be treated with the Leather oil to help assist the 'breaking - in' process. Leather oil helps keep the leather supple as it is specially formulated from natural ingredients to condition, preserve and shower proof your saddle. Leather oil is the only substance that should be used to care for your saddle.

    Apply a little Leather oil to the finished side of the leather. Allow the Leather oil to permeate until dry and then polish off. Leather oil should be used several times during the 'breaking - in' period and every 3 - 6 months thereafter. The leather gets its color during the tanning process and it is possible, therefore, that some color residues will remain. It is recommended to polish the saddle with a soft cloth before first use.

    You should protect your leather saddle from moisture with a saddle cover. If a wet saddle is ridden the color may stain your clothing. Allow wet saddles to dry naturally. Never tension or Proofide a wet saddle.

    Correct leather tension will ensure your saddle retains its shape and comfort. To tension, turn the nose bolt nut 90° at a time, check tension. You can use the tension spanner or allen key to do this. Over - tensioning a saddle will overstretch the leather fibres and may destroy their structure. Little and not very often is the key. Remember, once the end of the nose bolt is reached, the saddle can no longer be tensioned.

    1. First thing is cleaning. Take a brush and give the saddle a thorough clean. Greasing over existing dirt is not a good idea.

    2. The underside of the saddle should be cleaned once in a while too.

    3. Let your saddle dry thoroughly . Preferably in the shade, but still in a warm place
    As a natural material leather needs nurturing.

    4. High pressure cleaners may be practical and in fashion, but they are deadly for sensitive leather! The surface will just break up eventually.

    5. A washing machine is definitely not good for leather. The heat makes the leather brittle.

    6. You should dry your saddle neither against a heater, nor beside an open fire, nor near an oven, not even in the sun. The leather will start to crack and will eventually break up.

    7. Don't store your saddle in plastic bags . The leather needs to breathe.
    Don't store your bike and saddle in a damp place , such as in a cellar. It will develop mould.

    8. Don't clean stubborn stains with chemicals or other abrasive substances. A mild soap will do.
  2. q: Warranty?

    Purchases of either the SOLU brand bikes and frame, all fall under the SOLU International Co. Ltd. warranty, which reads as follows:

    • Warranty range: From the purchase date of the product, the bike frame (excluding the paint) has a 5-year warranty. All repairs on the frame will require the owner to pay for the return shipping fee.
    • Non-consumable parts warranty: These parts include a 1-year warranty from the purchase date. These parts include the following: front forks, saddle/seat, seat post, shift lever, front and rear derailleur, spindle, front and rear hub, handle bars, front rear and brake clip, brake handle, front and rear mud guard, pedals etc.
    • Consumption of non-warranty parts: The following parts are not covered in the warranty: tires and tubes, brake blocks, disc brake, brake cables, gear cables, crank, chain, flywheel, wheels, frame paint, and other parts which are exposed to wear loss problems does not provide a warranty.
    • During the warranty period, in accordance with the user manual, damage cause by normal use along with poor quality of product, SOLU will provide the necessary after sales service. If the parts have no quality issue but may need to be replaced in order to repair, then the owner will be charged the fee’s and wages to replace. A result of human misuse, unauthorized disassembly repair, altercations to the body of the bike, using non standard or non original spare parts to repair are NOT covered in the warranty. In the event of a natural disaster and other factors, which lead to product failure or damage, are also NOT covered in the warranty.
    • Please note: If any modifications are made to the bike at the request of the owner by another company or by the owner themselves, which then results in damage or product failure, then SOLU will not be responsible and the warranty will not cover this issue.
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